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Xinyang integrity glass co., LTD., established in2003Years,Headquarters is located in xinyang's largest building materials market“The international port of building materials”,Is a collection of glass wholesale、Retail、Brand agent、Glass accessories、Design、Installation and after-sales service as one integrated industrial company。

Company sales3-19mmAll kinds of glass,Art glass、Insulating glass、Toughened glass,Custom make bulletproof glass、Fireproof glass、Sound insulation glass、Laminated glass、Hot bending glass, etc. Series of special glass,07In the company introduced a fully automatic production line,Daily output200-300Square。

The company since its inception,For the purpose of good faith service,Professional dedication、Innovative spirit of enterprise,For PingQiao dragon business hotel、Gushi Victoria shopping plaza、HuangChuan big supermarket、Xixian pedestrian street、The new government5The hotel、Xinyang days sources used car market、 TTTheme bars(The original rock opera)、 Dragon hotel、Jinjiang international

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Address:The head office:Xinyang international port of building materials10Building4-5NumberThe phone/Fax:0376-6595555The factory:Xinyang PingQiao area light road near the fire brigade integrity of toughened glassThe phone/Fax:0376-3801160
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